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Welcome to Raw Power Pro Sound Ltd | Saturday, March 17th 2018

Bespoke sound and light sales solutions

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Professional Sound and Lighting Sales

Ensuring you find the equipment that's right for YOU....

We're not faceless box-shifters...

The one thing you can always be sure of when you buy equipment from us is that we will always look after you.

From initial contact in our showroom when we'll get an idea as to what type of outcome or effect you're hoping to achieve (with a cup of coffee of course!), through you listening to, or trying out various options through to answering any queries you may have when you get it all home, and beyond, we have always followed the same basic ethos; our customers really matter to us.

So we will look after you, and provide you with an ongoing service, even when you've walked out the door with your equipment. Even if it's a simple "Where do I plug the blue socket into again?", just call us, that's what we're here for.

Everyone's different...

No two customers are ever alike in their requirements, even if they're "doing the same thing", such as starting out as a solo vocalist or wanting a PA for a rock band, for example. We pride ourselves in assessing individual needs, and making sure you get the equipment that's right for you. Here's some frequent differences of requirements that we regularly see:

• "I need a compact but still quite powerful sound system, but I only have a hatchback to fit it all into" VS.......
• "I need a PA system that's quite powerful, but I have a van, so size is not an issue"
• "I have a strict budget to work to, I don't have thousands to spend"
• "I need some bigger bass speakers for me to add onto my PA system that don't need two prople to lift them"

The importance of trying equipment before you buy...

In line with providing a bespoke service for each customer that choses us as their equipment supplier, we also understand the high importance of trying a range of equipment before you choose what to buy.

Whilst product reviews and friends recommendations can play a vital role in narrowing down your choices, as most people have slightly differing tastes as to what "sounds good" to them. So, part of the service we offer is for you to make an appointment to visit us, free of charge, to try, for example, singing with a number of different microphones, or playing your band's CD through a number of different PA system combinations, to help you decide what you're going to be happiest with.In addition to this, we have a full lighting show comprising many different types and qualities of light in our demo showroom, which is available to view on appointment. In our experience, customers who take advantage of this opportunity and look at various options before they buy, walk away the happiest, and keep their equipment for longer, rather than several months after purchase deciding that the equipment is not right for their application. And after all, if it's free for you to try here, you have nothing to lose!

After sales service...

...Is another factor we strongly believe in. Once you've made your purchase, we're still here to offer support via the phone or in person. Different manufacturers offer varying lengths of warranty. Some offer the standard 1-year warranty, others offer up to 5-years parts warranty. If after this time you experience a problem with any of your equipment, we offer a repair and servicing service, to help keep your equipment in good working order. We can also arrange to have your equipment P.A.T tested for you in store at a pre-arranged time.