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Raw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. LED Lighting SpecialistsRaw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. LED Lighting SpecialistsRaw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. LED Lighting Specialists

LED Lighting Specialists...

In order to meet energy efficiency and cost targets, many schools are currently switching to LED lighting within stage, classroom and reception enrironments.

Benefits of LED Lighting to Schools and Colleges:

  • Reduce electricity consumtption - allowing energy efficiency targets to be met more easily)

  • Low-heat - less heat on-stage or in smaller rooms, making the environment more comfortable for those using the stage or room)

  • No climbing to replace lamps - With the older style of stage lights, such as parcans, fresnels and spots, lamps (bulbs) would need to be changed depending on how often the lights were used. Now, with the LED lighting, as each light guaranteed many thousands of hours of use, and as there are no 'lamps' within them, this reduces the need for specialist rigging equipment, scaffold towers, ladders and risk assessments involved with having to change lamps, improving safety within the school and college environment.
  • Cost-saving - As a result of reducing electricity consumption and removing the need to pay for a replace lamps in the older style of lighting, this also results in a long-term cost saving benefit for schools and colleges that choose to switch to LED lighting.

To find out how your school or college can benefit from these factors, or for a free site visit to discuss options, call us today!