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Supporting local schools and colleges...

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Equipment Hire...

Our equipment hire service is used by many schools and colleges within Lincolnshire and the surrounding regions.

This provides an alternative, or even addition to purchase or installation of equipment, and may benefit for a number of reasons:

  • Reducing bulk outlay
  • Allowing an educational establishment to "try before you buy", ensuring you feel happy with the equipment you are about to purchase
  • A cost effective way of having the use of sound, lighting or AV equipment that may only be required occasionally for the annual school play, nativity, or school concert
  • Ensuring all students can be heard - Most schools have microphones (wired or wireless) that can be used for assemblies and small concerts, but for the larger production, more microphones, or indeed different microphones may be required to meet requirements, so many education establishments simply add to their own range by hiring in additional microphones.
  • Special effects (such as smoke machines, colour washes, lasers) to make your production more spectacular!

Please feel free to download the PDF of our complete hire catalogue or call us to discuss your requirements

To book a hire, simple call or email us with your requirements. No booking deposit is required with education establishment equipment hire, providing a school or Local Authority purchase order is provided by fax, post or email.

What hire equipment can we provide for your school ?

We offer a large range of equipment for hire, the following list details some of the options we can provide for you:

AV Equipment
  • 42" LCD televisions with stands for making presentations and videos more visible.
  • Projectors with screens
  • DVD players - incase additional ones are required in rooms or stages which do not have access to one
Karaoke Equipment
  • Karaoke players, discs, screens and microphones, ideal for end of term events and summer fetes
Lighting Equipment
  • Disco effects lights for school discos (as well as DJ equipment should it be needed)
  • Oil-wheel style lights, LED uplighters, and Colour changers for effective colour washes on stage or in room
  • Lasers, for stage effects in school productions
  • LED parcans for school events
  • Fresnels and Spots for stage use
  • Followspots for stage productions
  • Strobes for added effects for school productions
  • Low fog machines for low-lying dry-ice-style fog/smoke across stages
  • UV washes and smoke machines for school productions


  • Standard handheld wired microphones
  • 'Shotgun' microphones for using on stage to pick up long-distance
  • Handheld wireless / radio microphones
  • Tie-clip / Lavalier wireless radio microphones for presentations
  • Headworn / over-the-ear wireless radio microphones, perfect for school productions
PA Equipment
  • Multi-media players, CD Players, Mini Disc Players for audio playback
  • Vocal effects processors
  • Feedback eliminators
  • PA mixers of various sizes
  • Amplification
  • Passive (unpowered) speakers
  • Active (powered) speakers
  • Mini-PA systems for small room / classroom environments
  • Portable PA for easy transport to different locations
  • Outdoor PA systems for sports days and fetes