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Soundfield Classroom Voice Reinforcement...

'Soundfield' or a 'Sound Field Voice Reinforcement System' is essentially the integration of a mini PA system in the classroom

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Under quiet classroom conditions, most teachers have enough natural volume in their voice to communicate effectively with a standard sized class. However, a number of acoustic factors (lively / noisy classes, reverberant room conditions, ambient noise from equipment and outside, hearing difficulties etc) can have a significant effect on clear, effectiver teacher / pupil communication.

The inclusion of this system in the classroom will raise the teacher's voice above the ambient noise level, to give even noise coverage throughout the room without the need to shout or raise one's voice.

The system involves the use of a lightweight infra-red 'pendant' microphone that is worn around the teacher's neck. This then via infra-red sensors, transmits to a ceiling-mounted loudspeaker panel that disperses the sound around the room.

Pupil benefits of Soundfield...

  • Better understanding of instructions
  • Less teacher repetition required
  • Improved task behaviours and attentiveness
  • Additionally beneficial to pupils with English as a second language, early years classes and those with hearing difficulties

Teacher benefits of Soundfield...

  • Reduced vocal strain, meaning a reduced time-off-work caused by difficulties in speaking / projective voice
  • Clear voice recognition, meaning more effective and less discriminatory inclusion of S.E.N students into mainstream class