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Welcome to Raw Power Pro Sound Ltd | Tuesday, February 20th 2018

Bespoke sound and light sales solutions

Raw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. Lighting EquipmentRaw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. Lighting EquipmentRaw Power Pro Sound Ltd.. Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment sales

Our Lincoln demo showroom is also home to a full lighting rig, where you can view and buy many of the lights that we have in stock in a sizeable room and see their colour choices, gobos, brightness, throw and other features.

To arrange a demo, simply phone or email us to let us know the type of products you are interested in seeing, and we can then arrange for our lighting engineer to be present when you visit the store. We are LED Lighting specialists, so a large proportion of the lights we now stock are LED, rather than lamp-based, meaning cheaper running costs for you, and no excessive heat radiating from them. If you simply need to buy a particular brand or type of lighting, simply call us or drop in to see us and we will provide this for you at competitive price.

Types of lighting we stock that you can buy...

  • DJ / Effects Lights
  • LED Parcans (PinSpots, Par 56, Par 64)
  • Colour Washes
  • Colour Changers
  • Strobes
  • Moving Heads
  • Logo projectors
  • Followspots

Brands we stock and sell...

  • American DJ
  • Chauvet
  • Elation
  • KAM
  • Lanta
  • QTX
  • (many more)